It screams VERSACE

I loved the Zara scarf print dress that I wore in a previous blog (that you can find here), so I thought I would try the new cult Zara chain scarf print shirt and pleated skirt that’s new on the scene. I absolutely love the statement print with the blue, black and gold hues – it looks stunning when it catches the golden Autumn light. You can either purchase this as a set, or if you want invest in just the shirt or the gorgeous pleated flowing skirt. I would recommend investing in both pieces as you can make so many different outfits look expensive with this stunning print that oozes Versace. I have created so many different looks by wearing the skirt with a blue shirt, a navy top and black comfy jumper making this skirt a game changer for me. The shirt is equally versatile as I have worn it several times with a pair of flare jeans!

P.S.  My favourite find this month are my oversized sunglasses, I feel like I’m wearing Victoria Beckham without the ££££ price tag!!