A Royal Wedding Tea Party

Prince Charming costume: Amazon |Cinderella Costume: Disney

 To celebrate the Royal Wedding, I threw a British tea party fit for a little Prince and Princess. All the kids had so much fun running around with their corgi pet balloons, drinking juice out of teacups, eating a delicious selection of hand made sandwiches, sneakily taking the doughnuts and hiding – Fin even had his first taste of earl grey tea and he absolutely loved it! Who would of thought that they would be our entertainment for the day?!

When it comes to tea parties I personally like to make all the savory food, along with a couple of homemade British desserts. I always add a few fancy treats from my favourite bakeries in Atlanta and the London biscuiteers . This is a simple trick to really making your tea party more impressive to the eye!

The Royal Wedding Menu

Cheese and Branston Pickle Sandwiches

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Sandwiches

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches 

 Cheese Board

Victoria Sponge Cake

Classic Scones with Jam and Clotted Cream 

Vanilla Hand-Iced Royal Biscuits

British Flag Hand-Iced Heart Strawberry Doughnuts

Royal Bell Hand-Iced Doughnuts

Veuve Clicquot Champagne 

Earl Grey Tea

It was great to kick back for the day and show my American friends how us Brits do it. 


Prince Charming Costume-Amazon

Cinderella Costume-Disney

Corgi Balloon-Amazon 

Royal Biscuits-Biscuiteers 

Doughnuts: Designed by Chelsea Fuente made by-Bonglaze

Gold Crystal Cake Stand-Lampsplus 

Silver Beaded Three- Tier Cake Stand- Lampsplus 

Royal Albert Two- Tier Polka Dot Cake Stand-Amazon 

Royal Albert Polka Dot Teacup and Saucer-Amazon 

Royal Albert Polka Dot Formal Salad Plate-Amazon 

Royal Albert New Country Roses Teacup and Saucer-Amazon

Royal Albert New Country Roses Formal Salad Plate-Amazon 

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